Crowd Sourcing — New Concept for Companies and Us

Week 7 — Working in/with New Media

The expert of Crowd Sourcing Jeff Howe (2006) mentions “Technology advances breaking down the cost barriers that once separated amateurs and professionals” Which mean people on the internet are more workable than they used to be, because everything in the world is getting simple.  . We can produce professional movie clip just like the one we watch in the cinema and we can share our idea to the world through the Internet or social media and getting instant feedback. During Zittrain’s lecture on “Minds for Sale”, he raises a number of potential issues arising from the use of new media as a means of acquiring cheap labour. The primary way in which new media is used as a labour tool is through crowd sourcing, explained in the video below.

Crowd sourcing offers opportunities to individuals as a way of reshaping the traditional power relationships associated with work and labour, and gives consumers the power to define “the products or enhancements” that meet their needs (Boutin, 2006).

Threadless demonstrate how crowd sourcing is working. They sell clothes online and also letting people to participate to their production by uploading designs, vote and critique each other’s work, and bring the best design to the production eventually.

Crowd sourcing shows the potential that new media has to radically alter the way in which we work, and gives us the potential to have a greater impact on the products we consume.


Howe, Jeff. 2006. The Rise of CrowdSourcing. Accessed 15 April, 2012.


Boutin, P. 2006. “Crowdsourcing: Consumers as Creators.” Accessed April 15, 2012.

By IVan Cheung

3 comments on “Crowd Sourcing — New Concept for Companies and Us

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  2. Definately agree with your point on how the internet has changed the way we look at tradtional employment and how it has reshaped the way we search for work and do our work.

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