The New Media — A Greater Connection Between Politics and Public

Week 4: New Media, Beliefs, Politics & Ethics

Many big political movements happened in recent times were organised through peer-to-peer networking on a global scale. Shirky (2011) mentions “As the communications landscape gets denser, more complex, and more participatory, the networked population is gaining greater access to information, more opportunities to engage in public speech, and an enhanced ability to undertake collective action.”

People today are very socially involved with information technologies. New media has provided a place for increased interactivity, and a forum to exchange individual ideas and commentary on social issues, in turn developing a new kind of postmodern politics (Louw 2005). Unquestionably, new media change the way we receive information. The messages used to be spread from the top to the bottom (traditional media to audience), and now there are more peer-to-peer messages, contrarily these peer-to-peer messages would up to the top.

(Mindsofthefrey, 2012)

Kony 2012 — the Invisible Children charity’s campaign against the Ugandan warlord, by using the persuasive and engagement power of the Internet. The film KONY 2012 has been viewed over 84,000,000 times in a month, Facebook groups were held to support the campaign and find the “Devil” Kony. Apparently this campaign captured the public awareness to the issue at Ugandan. Additionally, it demonstrated the new practice of political movement in the new media generation.


(JibJab. 2011)

New media raise people’s awareness and passion on political issues, earlier participation for teenagers as it present serious issues/ topic by interesting way.




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By IVan Cheung

2 comments on “The New Media — A Greater Connection Between Politics and Public

  1. I agree that social media is essential in the engagement of (particularly) youth… especially when it comes to such bland content such a politics. I am still completely blown away by the way KONY12 has erupted through Facebook (and the sharing of its youtube/vimeo videos). It is just proof of some of the things it can achieve.

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